How does Tarot work?

How I like to describe the process is that my spirit guide talks to your spirit guide. This gives me insight into your life with out you having to be in the same room. I am able to do this from long distances all I have to do is concentrate on you and your question. The cards that come out of the decks are the ones you are suppose to hear at this time. If you ask me a question and you have another question in mind then most likely the cards will know and answer the question that you most desire. I personally like to use several decks in a general reading for one this gives me some validation on what I am telling you because most of the time I will pull the same card from both decks. They also end up connecting the message along the way. I hope this helps you understand a little more about the process of how I do my readings. 

What I do before I Read Tarot cards

  1. I pull out all of the cards from their boxes and clear out all of the energies from the cards. The reason I do this is because as I do readings for people their energies and mine get trapped in the cards, and I don't want someone else baggage influencing a different persons reading.
  2. I clear the room of all negative energies by smudging the space. This ensures that the pace is cleared of any energies that may influence the cards. 
  3. I say a prayer over the cards to protect me, the person I am reading, and the cards from all negative energies. 
  4. I then shuffle the cards repeating your name or questions and see what the cards say.  

Is tarot bad or good?

Well, for starters tarot is neither good or bad it all depends on how they are used. If someone wants to use them in a negative nature well then that is what you are going to get back, because the energy you put in the cards folds out into the readings. I personally use my tarot cards and oracle cards to help people. A lot of people are scared of tarot cards because a long time ago they were publicly known as evil or witchcraft. I have been doing some research on the subject and actually the church saw all games being evil not just tarot. The church believed that it was sinful to pay so much attention on games. Originally Tarot Cards were used as a regular deck of cards, and back in the day people use to play card games such as heart or spades with them. I guess what you need to understand that tarot cards are not evil in nature they are just piece of paper it is actually how the reader is giving you the information and their particular intentions with the cards. All of the warning cards in the tarot deck is just that a warning about possible out comes. Just because the cards say something is going to take place does not mean it actually will, since our futures are not written and anything can change from now till when the event was going to occur. We all should use Tarot cards as a tool for guidance and nothing more.  

In dark times there is always a light at the other end of the tunnel. 

In dark times there is always a light at the other end of the tunnel. 

The Devil Card

A lot of people get nervous when the devil card and death card pops out in their readings because they think the cards mean the devil is after them or that they are going to die. What the devil card means is that you are being controlled by another person or you are to focused on material items. This card represents being bond down in life by just about anything. As you can see in the picture of the devil card the two people are chained to his throne, this symbolizes that you are not in control of your life because you are giving up your freedom to something or someone else. You are a victim of your addictions or of another person. 

devil card.jpg

The Death Card

This card does not mean that you are going to die. This card means that you are about to go into a transitional times. The death card is signifying that something is ending and something new is about to begin. The ending of the situation might be painful but by doing so this opens up new opportunities. This card I see is like a caterpillar as it turns into a beautiful butterfly.